Mitsubishi FR-A500 Series Transistorized Inverter
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Mitsubishi FR-A500 Series Transistorized Inverter


  • Advanced Flux Vector Control
  • High Precision Operations Without a PLG
  • Smart Driver
  • High-Response Current Limit

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This Mitsubishi FR-A520-2.2K Transistorized Inverter is new from surplus stock.

FR-A520-2.2K Configuration:
• Motor Output: 2.2kW (3HP)
• Power Capacity: 5.5 kVA
• Input Current: 16 A
• Input Voltage: 200-240Vac
• Output Voltage: 200-240Vac, 0.2-400Hz
• Output (Constant Torque): 11 A
• Output (Variable Torque): 12 A
• FR-DU04 Control Panel

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The Mitsubishi FR-A500 Series of Transistorized Inverters combines Mitsubishi Electric’s original technology with the benefits of its vast pool of accumulated expertise. Beginning with advanced magnetic flux vector control, which allows high-precision operations at ultra-low speeds, Mitsubishi has mastered many aspects of advanced technology to equip this series with performance of the highest order.

Product Family: FR-A520-0.4K, FR-A520-0.75K, FR-A520-1.5K, FR-A520-2.2K, FR-A520-3.7K, FR-A520-5.5K, FR-A520-7.5K, FR-A520-11K, FR-A520-15K, FR-A520-18.5, FR-A520-22K, FR-A520-30K, FR-A520-37K, FR-A520-45K, FR-A520-55K, FR-A540-0.4K, FR-A540-0.75K, FR-A540-1.5K, FR-A540-2.2K, FR-A540-3.7K, FR-A540-5.5K, FR-A540-7.5K, FR-A540-11K, FR-A540-15K, FR-A540-18.5K, FR-A540-22K, FR-A540-30K, FR-A540-37K, FR-A540-45K, FR-A540-55K
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Mitsubishi A500 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Mitsubishi FR-A500 Manual (pdf) 
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