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Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1771-IBD 10 to 30V DC Input Module
This Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1771-IBD 10 to 30V DC Input Module is used and in excellent condition.

Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1771-IBD Installation Instructions (pdf)

Part Number: 1771-IBD, 96134475, 96134473

GE / Bently Nevada 146031-01 I/O Module for 3500/22
This unit is also known as the 3500/22 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX I/O Module.

Part Number: 146031-01
National Instruments ER-16 Electromechanical SPDT Relay
• Number of Channels: 16
• Relay Type: SPDT (1form C) non Latching

Part Number: 183064B-02, 777081-01

Cognex Checker 4G1 Vision Sensor
This unit does not include power supply, interface cables or software. Please contact manufacturer for pricing and availability.

• Sensor: Part Finding
• Inspection Sensors: Presence, Measurement or Position
• Maximum Inspection Rate: 400 Hz
• Lighting and Filter Options: Integrated Red, Blue, Green, and Infrared LEDs; Integrated Bright White LEDs Polarization

Part Number: 821-0070-1R, 821-0070-3R, 825-0178-1R, C4G1-24G-E00

OMRON / Delta Tau ACC-24E2A UMAC Turbo 4-Axis Analog Interface Module
The board consists of two interconnected UMAC Turbo ACC-24E2A 2-Axis boards, for a total of 4-Axis of control.

Connector(...) Configuration:
• Base Board: Standard Terminal Block
• Option 1A: Standard Terminal Block (Axis 3 and 4)

Part Number: 603581-105

Pilz PSS 3032 Programmable Safety System Fail-Safe Module
The Pilz PSS 3032 is a compact safety system within a single housing. Connections are made via screw terminals. The system can be connected to other controller types via I/Os or via a serial(...) interface. Safety systems in the PSS-range are divided into a failsafe section and a standard section. Safety-related functions can only be processed through the failsafe section. The failsafe and standard sections communicate without feedback, i.e. potential program errors in the standard section will not affect the safety section. The failsafe section of the CPU operates through three diverse channels, ensuring a high level of safety. All inputs and outputs are processed separately by each channel. Each channel compares the result with the two adjacent channels. Input and output signals are only valid if all three channels reach the same result (3oo3). The PSS 3032 has an integral Flash-EPROM program memory with 64 KByte for both the standard and failsafe section. The unit has two serial interfaces: an RS 232 interface that is available to the user, and an RS 485 that is used for programming.

Pilz PSS 3032 Datasheet (pdf)
Pilz PSS 3032 Installation Manual (pdf)

Advantech UNO-2160 Embedded Automation Computer
This Advantech UNO-2160 Embedded Automation Computer is used and in excellent condition.

• Memory: 256 MB SDRAM
• Indicators: LEDs for power, IDE, alarm for RAM backup battery
• Keyboard/Mouse: 1 x PS/2
• PC Card: 1 x PC Card slot
• Printer Port: 1 x printer port
• Storage:
      SSD: 1 x internal type I/II CompactFlash slot
      HDD Extension Kit: for installation of one standard 2.5" HDD
• VGA: DB15 VGA connector, 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz

Part Number of AC Power Adapter: PSC60W-240

GE / Bently Nevada 18745-04 5mm 7200 Proximitor Sensor
This is the older version of the 18745-04 and only supports 5mm 7200 probes.

Additional part number: 18745-02
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