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National Instruments SCXI-1349 Adapter Board
Part Number: 182675-01, 182675D-01, 182225-01, 182671B-01, 182671D-01
National Instruments FP-TB-1 FieldPoint Terminal Base
• Screw Termination Style
• 36 Terminals
• Universal Terminal Base

Part Number: 184106A-01, 184106B-01, 184106C-01, 777519-01

Keysight / Agilent E1476-80010 QUIC Terminal Block
This is a Terminal Block accessory for interfacing to the 'New-Style' E1476A VXI modules that are made with QUIC Rails.
National Instruments PS01 AC to DC Power Adapter (+5V +15 and -15 VDC)
This is an AC adapter for the National Instruments SC-2345 Signal Conditioning Connector Block.

Power Adapter Model Number: PS01(...)

Power Adapter Part Numbers: AEH45UM32, 10063-03, SPA40-3555, 723045-0

Abaco Systems / SBS V32F-3 VMEbus to PCI Bus Adapter with DMA (VME Card Only)
This GE Fanuc / SBS V32F-3 VMEbus to PCI Bus Adapter with DMA (VME Card Only) is used and in excellent condition. This is the VME board half of the SBS 618-3.

Optical Interface: SC/PC(...)

Part Number: 85853432, 85853436, 85853630, 85853435

National Instruments SCB-68A 68-Pin Shielded Connector I/O Connector Block
This unit is sealed in the original manufacturer's static bag.

Part Number: 154137B-01L, 153721B-01L, 153721C-01L, 782536-01
National Instruments BNC-2110 Shielded Connector Block for 68-Pin M Series, S Series and B Series
Part Number: 185124E-01, 185124F-01, 185124C-01, 777643-01, 185124B-01, 185124H-01L, 185124G-01L
Keysight / Agilent E1467-80010 Screw Terminal Block for the E1467A (QUIC)
This Keysight / Agilent E1467-80010 Screw Terminal Block for the E1467A is used and in good condition. This unit has cosmetic blemishes on the front housing; however, this does not affect its(...) ability to function properly. It has the new-style Agilent terminal block interface (QUIC).

View Representative Photo of cosmetic blemishes.

National Instruments SC-2062 8-Channel Electromechanical Relay

The SC-2062 has eight electromechanical relays controlled by digital output signals from NI DAQ devices. These relays switch many loads that require more power than is available with DAQ device digital lines. Each SC-2062 has screw terminals connected to eight sets of SPDT relay contacts. These contacts can handle 6 A at 30 VDC or 250 Vrms. When the digital output line from the device is in the low (0) state, the contact labeled NC (normally closed) is connected inside the relay to the contact labeled COM (common). When the digital output line is in the high (1) state, the NO (normally open) contact is connected to the COM contact.

Part Number: 180935C-01

National Instruments SCXI-1349 Adapter Board
This unit ships in the opened National Instruments box. Includes: Adapter and installation guide.

Part Number: 182675-01
National Instruments SCXI-1328 Temperature Sensor Terminal Block
Part Number: 182297-01, 182297C-01, 182297E-01, 182297F-01, 185137A-01
National Instruments BNC-2090 Rack-Mounted BNC Terminal Block
Part Number: 183468A-01, 183468D-01, 183468B-01, 183468C-01, 777270-01
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