Universal Systems / Trio-Tech Wet Process Stations
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Universal Systems / Trio-Tech Wet Process Stations


  • Side Shields
  • Up Draft Exhaust
  • 2-Inch Plenum Drain
  • Kliplock Sealed Electrical Raceways
  • Nitrogen Purged Electrical Enclosures
  • Chemical Resistant Touch Tone Controls
  • Magnehelic or Photohelic Gauge Interlocked to EMO
  • Head-Case Folds Down Flat in Front for Easy Service Access
  • Heavy-Duty Casters for Ease of Movement Adjustable Leg Levelers
  • Wires Routed in the Plenum are Encased in Chemical Resistant Tubing
  • EMO (Emergency Machine Off) Circuit with EMO Button on Rear of Station
  • Exhaust Transition and Damper 8 Inch I.D. (Rear or Side Exhaust Available)
  • Modular Design and Construction for Simplified Removal/Servicing of Process Tanks
  • DI Water Manifold (Supply and Return) is Free of “Dead Legs”, and Constantly Recirculated

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This Universal Systems / Trio-Tech Stainless Steel Wet Process Station is used and in excellent condition. This wet bench has all the connections and accessories shown in the pictures below. It is a solvent wash station with ultrasonic rinse. Handheld water spray and nitrogen gas spray installed. External Exhaust, CDA (Clean Dry Air), Nitrogen, and Water required for operation.

Model Number: US72 VLF FA-1976

It comes with (2) sweepSONIK 40kHz dualSweep Ultrasonic Generators (the connectors for these are on the bottom rear of unit) both are model number: 40-S2DG-12T-208V-C, a top exhaust fitting, and a plexi-glass top guard.

Main Unit:
Controls: 977E Emergency Power Off

Tanks 1 and 3:
Operation: Ultrasonic Rinse and Drain
Dimensions: 14x10x8.5 in (WxLxD)
Controls: Universal 977C Controller w/ Timer
Lid Included

Tanks 2 and 4:
Operation: QDR Quick Dump and Rinse (Drain)
Dimensions: 14x10x8.5 in (WxLxD)
Controls: Universal 977T Timer
Lid Included

Tank 5:
Operation: Washing Station and Drain
Dimensions: 14x10x8.5 in (WxLxD) w/ Spillover Ledge
Controls: Universal 977T Timer

Stock # 57446-1

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Universal Systems / Trio-Tech offers a complete line of customized wet process equipment for submicron clean-room environments where processing of sensitive materials is required. For wafer processing applications such as pre-diffusion rinsing, nitride film etching and photoresist stripping, Universal Systems offers equipment with superior design and materials selection, yielding consistently high quality silicon wafers. For similar applications, such as flat panel and magnetic disk processing, Universal has many years experience in working with customers to design an optimum process solution. Universal Systems offers a varied choice of wet process station configurations for the most stringent clean room requirements. Universal quality and safety controls incorporate designs in accordance with several manufacturing guidelines, including SEMI (S2-93) Manufacturing Safety Guidelines. Smoke tunnel tests performed by Dryden Engineering of California led to the current exhaust system design. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110-1985 particle testing performed by Dr. Knutson of Pace, Inc., Minnesota for MIT Lincoln Laboratory, showed control levels below 0.03ppm.

Station Configurations
Typical Station configurations are available in two standard types – rear or front access. Rear access configurations are designed so that there is a rear cabinet in the back of the station, with electrical components mounted in the top part of the cabinet and plumbing components mounted in the bottom portion of the cabinet. Front access designs allow for a smaller footprint, however all plumbing components are located under the deck top. Deck tops are easily removed for easy service access to plumbing components – they are simply lifted off, no tools required. Tanks are pegged in place so these components are also easily removed for servicing. Electrical components for both designs are isolated in the head-case area, at the top of the stations.

Description of Major Components
• Modular design and construction for simplified removal/servicing of process tanks
• Heavy-duty casters for ease of movement adjustable leg levelers
• Head-case folds down flat in front for easy service access
• Kliplock sealed electrical raceways
• DI water manifold (supply and return) is free of “dead legs”, and constantly recirculated
• Magnehelic or photohelic gauge interlocked to EMO
• EMO (Emergency Machine Off) circuit with EMO button on rear of station
• Chemical resistant touch tone controls
• Side shields
• Wires routed in the plenum are encased in chemical resistant tubing
• 2-inch plenum drain
• Up draft exhaust
• Exhaust transition and damper 8 inch I.D.
• Nitrogen purged electrical enclosures

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