PLASMOS SD Series Ellipsometers
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PLASMOS SD Series Ellipsometers


  • Rapid Measurement Times
  • Menu Driven Software
  • 632.8 nm Laser Light Source
  • Clean-Room Compatible Construction

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Included Components:
• 632.8 nm Laser Light Source
• PLASMOS EST3/2 Pump/Power Controller
• Leica KL1500 Electronic Light Source
• Sony PVM-1354Q Monitor
• Teli CS3440-CCIR Camera
• (2) Vext PX245M-01B Stepping Motors
• Protec Microsystems 5P/1MUS BYTEPRINT Turbo 5 Port Switch

Computer Configuration:
• Operating System: Windows 95
• Processor: Intel Pentium Pro(r)
• Memory: 64 MB
• Monitor: VideoSeven V7 L15E
• Printer: HP DeskJet 970Cxi

Platform Configuration:
• Manufacturer: 80/20 Inc.
• Dimensions: 29.5" x 70" x 33" (LxWxH)

Installed Objectives:
• PLAN 10x/0.20

Our technicians fully tested this unit. Here are some software screen captures as well as some data scans/tests that were run: Screen Captures (pdf).

Stock # 92270-1

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The PLASMOS SD-2000-LC Ellipsometer is used for measuring the thickness of thin films such as oxides and nitrides. It offers rapid measurement times, menu driven software, a 632.8 nm laser light source, and clean-room compatible construction. routine measurement times of 1 sec/point can be achieved with the SD-2000/2300/4000.

Product Family: SD Series, SD-2000, SD-2300, SD-4000
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