B & G 250 Series Decapsulator
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B & G 250 Series Decapsulator


  • Selectively Etches an Encapsulant
  • Forms a Package of Resinous Material Around an Electronic Device
  • Includes Etchant Solution, Etching Assembly, Etch Plate, Movable Cover Etch Head, Eletronic Device
  • (2) Modes of Operation
  • Waste Reservoir and Outlet

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This unit is being sold as is. We do not have the expertise to fully test. It will be sold as-is without warranty and will be priced accordingly.

• (2) Bottles with Caps
• (1) Cap

Stock # 93020-2

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The B & G 250 Series Decapsulator is an apparatus and method for selectively etching an encapsulant forming a package of resinous material around an electronic device includes a source of etchant solution and an etching assembly including an etch plate and a movable cover, the etch plate and cover forming an etching chamber. An etch head is supported by the etch plate and the electronic device package is mountable in the chamber on the etch head. In a first mode of operation a displacement pump pumps a first quantity of etchant solution into the etch head and in a second mode of operation the displacement pump agitates at least part of the first quantity of etchant solution repeatedly into and out of of an etched cavity formed on an extertion surface of the electronic device package by reaction of the etchant solution with the resinous material. A waste reservoir and a waste outlet extending from the etch head to the reservoir is also provided. The etch head is easily removable from the etch head retainer.

Product Family: 250, 01-100-242, 250E
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