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MicroVision PC70 Computer
• Processor: 90 MHz Intel Pentium: A80502-90
• Memory: 2 x 96 MB, 2 x 64 MB
• Video Card: Meteor 571-0201
• Controller Card: Aved 99396
• Card: Computer Cards 508-261-1123
• Network Card: Computone 1-10016
• Includes CD ROM Drive and Floppy Drive
• Does Not Include Hard Drive

Keysight / Agilent 16058-61602 Connection Cable
This cable is the miniature clip lead to the pin plug leads for connecting a DUT to the measurement terminals on the Personality Board without using a DUT socket. The miniature clips permit connection of devices with non-standard shapes or lead arrangements.
Queensgate DPT-C-S Digital Piezo Translator
This Queensgate DPT-C-S Digital Piezo Translator is used and in excellent condition.


• Range: >15 μm
• Response Time: 1 ms
• Linearity Error (Peak): ≤0.1%

MicroVision Motion Control Module
This MicroVision is the Microvision MVT 7080 Wafer Sorter Motion Control Module.
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