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Astro-Med / Grass Technologies 7P122G Low Level D.C. Amplifier w/ RSP 107 Regulated Power Supply
These units include cables and connectors.

View Photo of cables and connectors.

Curtiss-Wright / Systran SCRAMNet A-H-PR-BCPCI PCI Module
This unit is also known as the SC150 PCI.

• Onboard, Soldered SRAM: None
• SIMM Size Range: 512 KB - 8 MB*
• Media Card: Standard Fiber
• PCI Specification: Version 2.0
• Dimensions: 4.200" x 9.500"

*If a specific SIMM Size is required, please contact Artisan Technology Group Sales for pricing and availability. Otherwise, SIMM sizes will be within the specified range.

Part Number: A-H-PR-BCPCI###-#-0-E1, A-H-PR-BCPCI###-#-0-D6
Media Card Part Number: A-H-PR-BCTRSTDF-#-0-B4

GE Fanuc NVAA Module
This GE Fanuc NVAA Module is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: DS3800NVAA1E1C
Keithley DAS-1601 12-Bit Multifunction Board
Gains: 1, 10, 100, 500

• Front Panel Adapter with 37-Pin Male Connector
Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1771-HS3A IMC-123 3 Axis Servo Controller
This Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1771-HS3A IMC-123 3 Axis Servo Controller is new from surplus stock. This unit ships in the manufacturer's box along with an installation manual. This unit also(...) features an Analog I/O Connection.

Part Number(s): 90748707

Applied Materials 0100-00396 Analog I/O VME Module
This Applied Materials Analog I/O VME Module is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 0100-00396
Emerson / Motorola / Force Computers PMC-860 High Performance T1 Telecom Controller
• Model: PMC/860/40-T1-100
• Processor: PowerQUICC MPC860MH
• Speed: 40 MHz
• EDO DRAM: 4 MByte Shared
• SRAM: 128 KByte
• Flash: 2 MByte
• Interface: (2) T1/100 Ohm

Part Number: 105225

National Instruments PCI-8336 MXI-4 Interface Module (Half Sized Card)
This is the physically shorter version of the PCI-8336. The PCI-8336 is the fiber-optic module version of the 833x cards.
This item ships in the NI sealed static bag.

Part Number: 189053C-01, 189051D-02

Keysight / Agilent 9000/310 Workstation Computer
This Agilent / HP 9000/310 Workstation Computer is used and in excellent condition.


• 10 MHz MC68010 Processor
• Agilent / HP 98257-66524 2 MB RAM Card Installed
• Agilent / HP 513A Interface Card Installed
• Agilent / HP 98543A Video Output Card Installed

Galil Motion Control DMC-631 Advanced Motion Controller
The DMC-631 can control up to three servo motors.

The DMC-631 is an enhanced version of the DMC-630. This enhancement consists of both firmware and hardware modifications.
Astronics / EADS / Racal 2461-Cf Universal Counter Timer VXI Card
• 200 MHz
• 9 Digits Per Second Resolution
• 1 ns Time Interval Resolution
• 2.5 mV Trigger Resolution
• 11 Automatic Measurements Including Peak Signal
• 9 Different Arming Modes
1 Cf plug-in card installed: 200MHz UCT (OCXO Frequency Standard)

Comtrol 95750-8 RocketPort 16-Port RS-232 / RS-422 PCI Card
This Comtrol RocketPort 95750-8 16-Port RS-232 / RS-422 PCI Card is used and in excellent condition. This card can be configured as RS-232 or RS-422 depending on external interface used. External interface is not included.
VIAVI Solutions / JDSU MTA 150 Control Cassette
This JDS MTA 150 Control Cassette is used and in excellent condition. The control panel features an LED display and operates by a front panel keypad.

Part Number: MTAS7+1010NCN
F&K Delvotec 1068 Multifunction Interface VME Board
This F&K Delvortec 1068 Multifunction Interface VME Board is used and in excellent condition. This unit was removed from a F&K Delvotec 6119 Wire Bonder.

View Photo of the top of the board.
View Photo of the bottom of the board.

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