Abaco Systems / SBS ASF-V6 MIL-STD-1553 Interface
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Abaco Systems / SBS ASF-V6 MIL-STD-1553 Interface


  • Provides Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 Interface to VMEbus System
  • Completely Independent Operation as a Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, or Bus Monitor
  • Dual Function Bus Monitoring: Map Monitoring and Sequential Monitoring
  • High-Speed DSP
  • Flexible Memory Structure
  • 128 KB of Dual Port RAM per Channel

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This unit has one dual redundant 1553 channel.

Part Number: 800-010045-411
Part Version: 411

Stock # 61205-1

This unit has four dual redundant 1553 channel.

Part Number: 800-010050-400
Part Version: 400

Stock # 61205-5

This unit ships in the original manufacturer's packaging with standard accessories.

Part Number: 800-010045-421

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Stock # 61205-2

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The ASF-V6 is a flexible interface providing a single function, one to four channel, dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 interface to the VMEbus system. This Advanced Single Function (ASF) architecture provides operation as a Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT), or dual function Bus Monitoring (BM). The ASF-V6 provides user defined linked lists of data buffers and sequential 1553 activity. The user can time stamp and/or double buffer the 1553 activity. Both monitoring modes, Map and Sequential, perform broad error monitoring. They also provide a comprehensive error table that the host processor can read at any time.

SBS bases the ASF interface upon an advanced high-speed DSP, programmable logic and dual port RAM. It delivers a highly reliable hardware platform that is feature rich and user friendly. Through the 128 kB of dual port RAM per channel, the host processor has access to set up, monitor, and change the 1553 interface data structures at any time. Link-list memory architecture allows the user to structure interface memory usage for the maximum in flexibility and usefulness. The ASF-V6 provides storage for on-board firmware via Flash Memory.

Product Family: ASF-V6, ASFV6, ASF V6, ASF-V6-1, ASF-V61, ASF-V6 1, ASF V6-1, ASF V61, ASF V6 1, ASFV6-1, ASFV61, ASFV6 1, ASF-V6-2, ASF-V62, ASF-V6 2, ASF V6-2, ASF V62, ASF V6 2, ASFV6-2, ASFV62, ASFV6 2, ASF-V6-3, ASF-V63, ASF-V6 3, ASF V6-3, ASF V63, ASF V6 3, ASFV6-3, ASFV63, ASFV6 3, ASF-V6-4, ASF-V64, ASF-V6 4, ASF V6-4, ASF V64, ASF V6 4, ASFV6-4, ASF V64, ASF V6 4
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ASF Functionality
Bus Controller (BC)• BC Retry
• Programmable Inter-Message
• Programmable Delay Gaps
• Multiple BC Data Buffers
• BC Dump Feature
Remote Terminal (RT)• RT and All Sub-Addresses Supported
• Transmit/Receive Buffers for Each Sub-Address
• Multiple RT Data Buffers
Map Monitoring• Multiple Linked Buffers for Each Transmit/Receive Sub-Address
• Mapped Buffers Read by Host Processor as Time Permits
• User Definable Number of Buffers Per Transmit/Receive Sub-Address
Sequential Monitoring• Host Driver Selected Messages are Double Buffered
• Messages Time Stamped with a 1 µs 32-Bit Clock
• Standard Firmware Performs Broad Error Monitoring
• Comprehensive Error Table Readable at Any Time by Host Processor

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

SBS ASF-V6 Datasheet (pdf) 
SBS ASF-V6 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Abaco Systems / SBS Website