Pepperl+Fuchs VAM-CTR-KF-R2 Master AS-Interface IP20
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Pepperl+Fuchs VAM-CTR-KF-R2 Master AS-Interface IP20


  • Stand-Alone Master with PLC Functionality
  • Two-Digit LC Display
  • Voltage Supply from AS-Interface
  • Automatic Baud Rate Detection
  • Programmable Slave Addresses
  • Display of Detected Slaves

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This Pepperl+Fuchs VAM-CTR-KF-R2 Master AS-Interface IP20 is used and in excellent condition.

VAM-CTR-KF-R2 Configuration:

Part Number: 37830

Stock # 65354-1

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The VAM-CTR-KF-R2 is a stand-alone master with integrated PLC functionality. The design of this master is ideal for use in a cabinet. Its housing, only 60 mm wide, occupies little space in a cabinet installation. The VAM-CTR-KF-R2 is installed by snapping it onto the 35 mm DIN Rail per EN 50022, with the integrated Power Rail. The AS-Interface signal is transmitted through conductors, which are integrated into the Power Rail. Thus all cabinet modules in KF housing can be connected to the AS-Interface cable by simply snapping them onto the DIN Rail. Removable terminals for leading the AS-Interface cable through the cabinet are available. These terminals are coded and allow "online" maintenance, i. e. while the system is under power. The connection to the AS-Interface power supply is established through these terminals which can also be used for the serial interface. A 9-pin SubD connector is also available. Power to the master is supplied by the AS-Interface cable. Two push buttons are used for address assignment of the AS-Interface slaves and acceptance of the desired configuration. In configuration mode, all detected AS-Interface slaves are displayed on the 2-digit LCD. In normal operation, the LCD is blank unless the master detects a faulty AS-Interface slave. There are 7 LEDs on the front panel, showing the current status of the AS-Interface line.

Product Family: VAZ-SW-ACT32, UPR-05, UPR-E
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Pepperl+Fuchs VAM-CTR-KF-R Datasheet (pdf) 
Pepperl+Fuchs VAM-CTR-KF-R Manual (pdf) 
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