Delta Tau ACC-26A Serial Communication Optical-Isolation / Adapter Board
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Delta Tau ACC-26A Serial Communication Optical-Isolation / Adapter Board


  • Suitable for All Versions of PMAC
  • Optical Isolation Board
  • Rail Mounted or Standoff Mounts

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This Delta Tau ACC-26A Serial Communications Optical-Isolation / Adapter Board is used and in excellent condition. This unit comes with the standard DIN-rail mount. This unit does not come with the 26-pin 60-cm (24") cable.

Part Number: 602213

ACC-26A Options Installed:
Option 1: Host RS-232 to PMAC RS-422

Stock # 66020-1

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The Delta Tau ACC-26A is a serial communication optical isolation board for all versions of PMAC.

Option-1 can be used for optical isolation of the host computer's RS-232 to PMAC's RS-422 connector J4 (this is suitable for the PMAC-PC, PMAC-VME, and PMAC-LITE).

Option 2 is suitable for the Mini-PMAC and the PMAC-STD32 (The cable is not provided for PMAC-STD32). Option 2 simply acts as an optical isolation board between the host's RS-232 and the PMAC's RS-232 connectors.

Option 3 provides, through its J5 (JGEF) connector, optical isolation of the serial communication link between a host computer and the GE-FANUC series 90-70 PLC.

Option 4 may be used for Delta Tau's other motion control cards (SMCC and MCC). The board comes with a standard DIN-rail mounting system; or the four corner holes can be used to mount the board with standoffs. Both DB-9 and DB-25 connectors are provided for host connection.

Product Family: ACC-26A, ACC26A, ACC 26A, ACC 26 A
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Delta Tau ACC-26A Datasheet (pdf) 
Delta Tau ACC-26A Manual (pdf) 
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