Delta Tau ACC-8D Terminal Block Board
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Delta Tau ACC-8D Terminal Block Board


  • Connects Several Specific Input/Output Options to PMAC
  • Provides the Pinouts from a Single JMACH Connector on PMAC

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This Delta Tau ACC-8D Option 2 4-Channel V/F Converter Terminal Block Board is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 3D0-602205-101

Stock # 67685-5

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The Delta Tau PMAC Acc-8D provides a convenient means for routing PMAC’s JMACH connector signals and power supply lines to a terminal block. This terminal block facilitates PMAC's connection to amplifiers and feedback signals. In addition, Acc-8D provides the user with the ability to connect several specific input/output options to PMAC conveniently.

Product Family: ACC-8D OPT-2G, ACC-8D OPT-4B, ACC-8D OPT-5, ACC-8D OPT-6A, ACC-8D OPT-2, ACC-8D OPT-2A, ACC-8D OPT-2B, ACC-8D OPT-2C, ACC-8D OPT-2D, ACC-8D OPT-2E, ACC-8D OPT-2F, ACC-8D OPT-7A, ACC-8D OPT-7B, ACC8D OPT-7, ACC-8D OPT-6, ACC-8D OPT-4, ACC-8D OPT-4A, ACC 8D OPT-2G, ACC 8D OPT-4B, ACC 8D OPT-5, ACC 8D OPT-6A, ACC 8D OPT-2, ACC 8D OPT-2A, ACC 8D OPT-2B, ACC 8D OPT-2C, ACC 8D OPT-2D, ACC 8D OPT-2E, ACC 8D OPT-2F, ACC 8D OPT-7A, ACC 8D OPT-7B, ACC 8D OPT-7, ACC 8D OPT-6, ACC 8D OPT-4, ACC 8D OPT-4A, 3D0-602205-10x, 3D0-602205-101, 3D0-602205-102, 3D0-602205-103, 3D0-602205-104
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