Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO 2200S Series PowerMIDAS VMEbus RACE++ / RACEway PMC I/O Subsystems
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Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO 2200S Series PowerMIDAS VMEbus RACE++ / RACEway PMC I/O Subsystems


  • 266 MBytes/sec RACE++ 2nd Generation RACEway Compatible
  • Single or Dual PowerPC or i960RN I/O Processors
  • Up to 533 MBytes/Sec I/O Bandwidth

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This Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO M2200SR2/128 RACE++ PMC I/O Subystem is used and in excellent condition. This unit includes the MDC960RN/64 daughtercard which upgrades a 1200 Series to a 2200 Series. If you would like purchase the MDC960RN/64 daughtercard separately, please contact Artisan Technology Group Sales for pricing.

Part Number: M2200SR2-128

• Dual i960RN Processors
• 2 x 64 MB SDRAM
• Symmetrical PMCs
• Dual RACE++ Ports

Stock # 68039-1

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The Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO PowerMIDAS series are unique PMC I/O Subsystems for the 2nd generation RACE++ version of RACEway, as well as for the original RACE 1.0. The boards carry two to five PMC modules with an architecture optimized for high bandwidth flowthrough applications, with two separate 64-bit PCI buses. Each PCI bus may be equipped with its own PXB++ interface to the RACE++ crossbar network, providing support for the Dual-port RACE (with the 5-row DIN connector).

Product Family: M2200SR/128, M2200SR/256, M2200SR2/128, M2200SR2/256, M2200SR/128, M2500R2/128, M2500R2/256, M2200SR/128, M2200SR/256, M2200SR2/256, M2200SR 128, M2200SR 256, M2200SR2 128, M2200SR2 256, M2200SR 128, M2500R2 128, M2500R2 256, M2200SR 128, M2200SR 256, M2200SR2 256, MDC960RN/64, MDC960RN 64, MDC960RN-64, MDC960RN64, MDC960RN
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