OMRON / Delta Tau Turbo PMAC2-PC Ultralite Programmable Multi-Axis Controller
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OMRON / Delta Tau Turbo PMAC2-PC Ultralite Programmable Multi-Axis Controller


  • 80 MHZ DSP56303 CPU
  • 128k x 24 SRAM Compiled / Assembled Program Memory
  • 128k x 24 SRAM User Data Memory
  • 1M x 8 Flash Memory for User Backup and Firmware
  • 16-Node MACRO Interface IC

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This unit is missing the faceplate.

Part Number: 602404-106

• Turbo CPU DSP65309, Part Number: 602866-10A
• Option 5C0: 80MHz CPU(120 MHz PMAC Equivalent), 128k x 24 of Compiled/Assembled Program Memory, 128k x 24 of User Data Memory, and a 1M x 8 Flash Memory
• Option 8: High-Accuracy Clock Crystal - 19.6608 MHz Crystal

Stock # 73886-2

Part Number: 603182-102

• SC Optical Interface
• Option 1A: Additional MACRO Interface IC
• Option 2B: 64KB Dual-Ported RAM
• Option 5C3: 80MHz CPU, 1.5MB Compiled Memory, 1.5MB Expanded Memory, and 32MB Flash Memory
• Option 12: 8-Channel 12-bit A/D Converter
• Option 16A: 96KB Battery-Backed Parameter RAM

Stock # 73886-1

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The Delta Tau Turbo PMAC2-PC Ultralite Programmable Multi-Axis Controller is a member of the Turbo PMAC family of boards optimized for interface to the system through the MACRO ring. It contains no full channels of on-board axis interface circuitry (which is what makes it "Ultralite"). It can command up to 32 axes through the MACRO ring. It can also support up to 32 channels of off-board axis interface circuitry through its expansion port, connected to ACC-24P or ACC-24P2 boards.

The Turbo PMAC2-PC Ultralite is a full-sized ISA-bus expansion card. While it is capable of ISA bus communications, with or without the optional dual-ported RAM, it does not need to be inserted into an ISA expansion slot. Communications can be done through an RS-232 or RS-422 serial port; standalone operation is possible.
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Delta Tau PMAC 2-PC Manual (pdf) 
Link to OMRON / Delta Tau Website