Tektronix VX4428 / 73A-425 / 73A-426 Quad ARINC-429 Transmitter / Receiver Module
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Tektronix VX4428 / 73A-425 / 73A-426 Quad ARINC-429 Transmitter / Receiver Module


  • Quad ARINC-429 Transmitter / Receiver
  • Switch Selectable Interrupt Levels
  • Direct Memory Access Transfer of Data
  • Fully Isolated Self-Test Data Path Between Transmitter and Receiver

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The Tektronix VX4428 / 73A-425 / 73A-426 Quad ARINC-429 Transmitter/Receiver Module is a printed circuit board assembly for use in a mainframe conforming to the VXIbus Specification. The VX4428 Module transmits data onto and receives and analyzes data from the Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System (DITS) found on commercial aircraft.

The VX4428 Module provides isolation relays and a self-test data path between the transmitter and receiver to provide a fully isolated test of both transmitter and receiver.

The VX4428 Module transmitter and receiver have Direct Memory Access (DMA) transfer capability to efficiently transfer data to and from the system controller. Either a programmable frame-by-frame interrupt, trigger output, or a readback of the address of the last ARINC word transmitted allows the user to synchronize updates to the card with the actual data transmission.

Product Family: VX4428, 73A-425, 73A-426
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Tektronix VX4428 Manual (pdf) 
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