AIM AMC429 Family ARINC429 Test and Simulation PMC Modules
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AIM AMC429 Family ARINC429 Test and Simulation PMC Modules


  • 0 to 255 Bits Programmable Gap Between Labels
  • Upper & Lower Limit Check
  • Label Selective & Label Data Contents Dependent Filter
  • Multi-Buffering with Real Time Data Buffer Updates
  • Automatic Test Sequence Generation
  • Dynamic Data Generation

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• 16 Software Programmable Rx/Tx Channels
• 16 Dedicated Rx Channels
• IRIG-B Encoder/Decoder
• 4 MByte Global RAM
• On-Board ASP with 64 MByte RAM

Part Number: 12A04-110

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The AIM AAMC429 Family ARINC429 Test and Simulation PMC Modules offer full function test, simulation, monitoring and databus analyzer capabilities for ARINC429 applications on up to 32 channels concurrently. Conduction Cooled (CC) Modules are also available for the AMC429 family. The AMC429 CC modules meet the ANSI/VITA 20-2001(R2005) standard. 4 channels are available on the AMC429-4, 8 channels on the AMC429-8 & 16 channels on the AMC429-16 module. All channels are software programmable for Receive (Rx) or Transmit (Tx) mode. The AMC429-4/ 8/ 16 also supports up to 8 discrete input & 8 discrete outputs which can be monitored or generated.

For the AMC429-32 the lower 16 channels are software programmable for Receive (Rx) or Transmit (Tx) mode whilst the upper 16 channels are configured either with fixed Receivers (model AMC429-32R16) or fixed Transmitters (model AMC429-32T16). This gives the users maximum flexibility for high density ARINC429 test rigs or test benches. An on-board IRIG-B time code decoder and generator allows users to accurately synchronize single or multiple AMC429 modules to a common time source. The AMC429 modules use AIM's field proven Common Core hardware design utilizing multiple RISC processors whereby all channels can operate concurrently at ARINC429 high or low bit rates with the intelligence to process data in real time.

Product Family: AMC429
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AIM AMC429 Datasheet (pdf) 
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