Abaco Systems / SBS VME-TB51 Transition Boards for the V5C Embedded PC
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Abaco Systems / SBS VME-TB51 Transition Boards for the V5C Embedded PC


  • Directly Plug Compatible with the V5C Embedded PC
  • P2 Ribbon Cable Break-Out for Floppy, IDE, and SCSI
  • Power Distribution for Drives
  • Provides P2 Peripheral Interface for Drive Modules
  • Provides Both 50-Pin (8-Bit) and 68-Pin (16- Bit) SCSI Interfaces
  • Front Panel USB Interfaces

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The Abaco Systems / SBS VME-TB51 Transition Boards for the V5C Embedded PC are a companion to the V5C embedded PC for connecting remotely mounted floppy drives and hard drives. The VME-TB51 routes the V5C peripheral control signals supplied by rows a, c, d, and z of the P2 connector to ribbon cable connectors. The ribbon cable connectors are compatible with industry standard signal definitions. The VME-TB51 plugs directly onto the back of the P2 backplane in the slot position occupied by the V5C. The extended VMEbus signals on row b are not connected to the VME-TB51. The backplane must have extended pins with shrouds to accommodate the VME-TB51 connector.

The floppy drive interface is provided to a 34-pin male header connector which will accept most standard floppy cable assemblies. The Primary and Secondary IDE hard drive interfaces are provided to two 40-pin male header connectors which will accept most standard IDE cable assemblies. The VME-TB51 has both 50-Pin (8-bit) and 68-Pin (16-bit) SCSI interface connectors on the Front panel, and an additional 50-Pin Header on-board. The front Panel also contains a USB connector, P3.

Product Family: VME-TB51, VME TB51, VMETB51, TB-51
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Abaco Systems / SBS VME-TB51 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Abaco Systems / SBS Website