GE / Bently Nevada 3500/50 and 3500/50M Series Tachometer Modules
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GE / Bently Nevada 3500/50 and 3500/50M Series Tachometer Modules


  • 2-Channel Module
  • Accepts Input from Proximity Probes or Magnetic Pickups
  • Peak Hold Stores Highest Speed, Highest Reverse Speed, Number of Reverse Rotations
  • Able to Reset the Peak Values
  • Supplies Conditioned Keyphasor Signals to the Blackplane of the 3500 Rack

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This unit is also known as the GE / Bently Nevada 3500/50-01.

• I/O Module Type: I/O Module with Internal Terminations

Part Number: 133442-01

Stock # 78116-18

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The GE / Bently Nevada 3500/50 and 3500/50M Series Tachometer Module is a 2-channel module that accepts input from proximity probes or magnetic pickups to determine shaft rotative speed, rotor acceleration, rotor direction. The module compares these measurements against user-programmable alarm setpoints and generates alarms when the setpoints are violated. The 3500/50M Tachometer Module can be configured to supply conditioned Keyphasor* signals to the backplane of the 3500 rack for use by other monitors. Therefore, you don't need a separate Keyphasor module in the rack. The 3500/50M Tachometer Module has a peak hold feature that stores the highest speed, the highest reverse speed, or the number of reverse rotations that the machine has reached. You can reset the peak values.

Product Family: 3500/50M, 3500/50, 350050M, 350050, 3500/50M-01, 3500/50-01
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