National Instruments SCXI-1503 16-Channel RTD Module
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National Instruments SCXI-1503 16-Channel RTD Module


  • 16 Channels of Voltage or Resistive Inputs
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-Wire RTD and Thermistor Measurements
  • Programmable Gain Settings Per Channel
  • 5 Hz Filter per Channel

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This unit is sealed in the original manufacturer's static bag.

Part Number: 194411B-01, 779638-01

Stock # 94001-1

Part Number: 779638-01

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Stock # 94001-2

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The National Instruments SCXI-1503 16-Channel RTD Module provides 16 differential input channels, 16 channels of 100 μA current excitation, and one cold-junction (CJ) sensor channel. The National Instruments SCXI-1503 is ideally suited for measuring resistive transducers, such as RTDs or thermistors. Each channel has an amplifier with a selectable gain of 1 or 100 and a lowpass filter with a 5 Hz cutoff frequency to reject 50/60 Hz noise. The SCXI-1503 can programmatically connect each input to ground, which greatly improves its accuracy by enabling a self-calibration of each input to reduce offset drift errors. You can multiplex several SCXI-1503 modules and other SCXI modules into a single channel on the data acquisition device, greatly increasing the number of analog input signals that you can digitize. The SCXI-1306 is a front mounting terminal block that offers screw-terminal connectivity for the SCXI-1503.

Product Family: SCXI-1503, SCXI1503, 194411B-01, 183824E-12, 183824E-12, 185875F-01, 185540K-01, 779638-01
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