Bringing Value to Customers

Instrumentation Manufacturing
Our company was founded as Artisan Scientific and began manufacturing
custom scientific research instrumentation geared towards research in
biophysics and the life sciences.

A Different Approach
Leveraging our expertise from instrumentation design and manufacturing
allowed us to effectively decrease expenses by obtaining used equipment
and restoring it to its original manufactured condition. This approach
offers cost-savings and keeps highly sought-after equipment available
for future use.

New Identity
We expanded our identity to Artisan Technology Group, allowing us to
better represent the various industries we serve.

Paying It Forward
At ATG, our prime objective is to provide our customers with the highest
quality instrumentation products and services on the market. By continually
expanding our inventory — one of the largest in the industry — we are able
to meet both the immediate and future needs of our customers; giving them
a competitive advantage in their industries.