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National Instruments PXI-4070 6.5 Digit Multimeter
This National Instruments PXI-4070 6.5 Digit Multimeter has the standard connector.

Part Number: 185828J-01, 191485A-01, 191485B-01, 186346E-01, 191485H-01L, 778274-01
National Instruments UMI-7764 Universal Motion Interface
The unit is the screw terminal board without the metal enclosure. It ships in the original National Instruments static bag.

Part Number: 186343C-03, 777978-02, 186343D-02L
National Instruments PXI-2527 32-Channel (2-Wire), 300 V Multiplexer Switch
This is a hybrid-slot-compatible PXI module that can be used in both PXI Express hybrid slots and standard PXI slots.

Part Number: 192731B-01L, 192731D-01L, 779358-01
National Instruments NI 9144 8-Slot EtherCAT Slave Chassis for C Series I/O Modules
This unit is sealed in the original manufacturer's bag.

Part Numbers: 780438-01, 780438-02, 194726C-01L
National Instruments FP-AI-111 FieldPoint Analog Input Module
Part Number: 185837A-01, 185837B-01, 185837C-01, 777518-11
National Instruments PXI-6233 M Series Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ) Board
• Analog Input Channels: 16
• Maximum AI Range: ±10 V
• Analog Output Channels: 2
• Maximum AO Range: ±10 V
• Digital Voltage: 24 V (Sinking DO)
• Maximum DO Current Drive: 350 mA

Part Number: 193193B-02

National Instruments GPIB-USB-HS Controller for USB
• GPIB HS488: Up to 7230 kbytes/s

Part Number: 187965B-01, 187965D-01, 187965E-01L, 187965D-01L, 187965H-01L
National Instruments PCI-6281 High-Accuracy M Series Multifunction DAQ Module
This unit ships sealed in the manufacturer's bag.

Part Number: 191342F-03L
National Instruments cFP-AI-100 8-Channel Voltage and Current Input Module
This is the older-style unit without the out of range LED.

Part Number: 185152B-02, 185152D-02, 777318-100
National Instruments SCXI-1127 High-Voltage Electromechanical Relay Multiplexer
Part Number: 776572-27

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National Instruments SHC68-68-EPM Extended Performance Digital Cable (2 Meter)
The SHC68-68-EPM is specially designed to work with NI X Series and M Series data acquisition (DAQ) devices. The cable includes separate digital and analog sections, individually shielded twisted(...) pairs for analog inputs, individually shielded analog outputs, and twisted pairs for critical digital I/O. It features a 68-position 0.050 series D-Type connector to 68-position VHDCI connector.

Part Number: 192061B-02

National Instruments Accessory and Cable Selection Guide (pdf)

National Instruments PCI-7030/6040E 12-bit Multifunction I/O Board
• 32 MB Memory

Part Number: 183958B-01, 184361A-01, 184359A-05, 184359F-05
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