Baldor / Reliance SP500 Easy Clean Plus AC Controller
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Baldor / Reliance SP500 Easy Clean Plus AC Controller


  • Three-Phase Variable Voltage
  • Variable Frequency
  • Local Operator Interface

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This Baldor / Reliance SP500 Easy Clean Plus AC Controller is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 1SU24002
• Type: 2Hp NEMA 4x/12
• Input Voltage: 200-230 VAC
• Output Voltage: 200-230 VAC
• Encl.: Type 4X Indoor Only

Stock # 62762-1

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SP500 controllers operate on a three-phase (single phase) AC power source at the appropriate rated input voltage The suppressors are used to limit voltage transients within the maximum voltage rating of the diode module.

The diode module rectifies the incoming A-C source to a constant DC voltage. The D-C voltage is then applied to an internal power supply and to a large DC bus capacitor. The internal power supply is a DC to DC type to provide the necessry voltage and current source required within the controller. The large DC bus capcitor filters the DC voltage which then enters an IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) inverter bride. Under software control from an internal microcontroller, the IGBT transforms the constant DC voltage into a PWM (pulse-width modulated) voltage signal corresponding to the variable voltage and variable frequency source selected for the motor.

The controller is intended to operate under trip free (fault) characteristics. The controller uses selected signals to exnted the acceleration (starting) and deceleration (stopping) rates of the motor. When a fault does occur, however,the controller's microcontroller generates an instantaneous electronic trip (IET) signal to turn the controller off (coast-to-stop). An indication of the IET fault, which occured, is stored in the controller and can be displayed on he local operator interface.

Product Family: SP500
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