Danaher Motion / Superior Electric SLO-SYN 3180 Series Drives
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Danaher Motion / Superior Electric SLO-SYN 3180 Series Drives


  • Bipolar
  • Speed Adjustable
  • Maximum running Speed of 10,000 Full Steps Per Second
  • 3180-PI: Full/Half Step
  • 3180-PI10: 1/10 Microstep
  • 3180-PI125: 1/125 Microstep

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This is for the motor board component only, this unit does not come with the connection board.

Input Voltage: 120 VAC

Stock # 64493-12

This unit has a chipped terminal block; however, this does not affect its ability to function properly.

View Photo of chipped terminal block.

Input Voltage: 115 VAC

Stock # 64493-20

The 3180-PT10 is a 1/10 microstep drive.

Input Voltage: 120 VAC

Stock # 64493-5

This unit is missing the back panel; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Input Voltage: 115 VAC

Stock # 64493-18

This unit includes a power cable

Input Voltage: 120V

Stock # 64493-8

This unit ships with a 25-pin D-SUB I/O connector.

Input Voltage: 120V

Stock # 64493-9

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Danaher Motion / Superior Electric SLO-SYN 3180 Series Drives are bipolar, speed adjustable, two-phase, line operated chopper drives which use power MOSFET switches. They are available in step resolutions of full/half step, 1/10 microstep or 1/125 microstep. The maximum running speed is 10,000 full steps per second. to reduce the chances of electrical noise problems, the control signals are optically isolated from the drive circuit.

3180 model Micro Series Motion Controls have the capability to boost the current level to the motor windings for increased power, or to reduce said current level to decrease motor heating when full power is not needed.

Product Family: 3180-EPI, 3180EPI, 3180 EPI, 3180-EPI-V, 3180EPI-V, 3180 EPI-V, 3180-EPIV, 3180EPIV, 3180 EPIV, 3180-PT, 3180PT 3180 PT, 3180-PT10, 3180-PT-10, 3180-PT 10, 3180 PT 10, 3180-PTO, 3180-PT0, 3180 PT0, 3180 PTO, 3180PTO, 3180PT0, 3180-LPI-V, 3180LPIV, 3180LPI V,3180 LPI V, 3180-PI125, 3180-PI 125, 3180-PT125 3180-PT 125, 3180PT125
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