Yaskawa Motionpack-33 Program Controller
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Yaskawa Motionpack-33 Program Controller


  • Torque Control Function
  • Selectable Positioning Command Unit
  • Varying Methods of Returning to Home Position
  • Selectable Coordinate Systems

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This Yaskawa Motionpack-33 Type CMPC-CM33 Controller is new from surplus stock.

• (3) MR-20F Connectors (with MR-20L) (Honda Tsushin) as seen here
• (2) MR-50F Connectors (with MR-50L) (Honda Tsushin) as seen here

Stock # 64583-1

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Yaskawa Motionpack is a stored program controller designed for feed and positioning control at machine tool operations. The part programs stored in the Motionpack executes the operation in the response to the input from the programmer, or the associated host computer, establishing an automatic production line.

Motionpack-33, in combination with DC servo-motors and Servopack offers compact, low-cost, high-reliability features, and is an easy to maintain single axis feed and position control system with high operation flexibility. Motionpack-33 is designed for joint use with a high-level computer or with a programmable controller. It has no data processing functions, no machine sequence control functions. It has large data areas for feed control and positioning control.

With the feed and positioning control made intelligent, Motionpack-33 is capable of numerical control over a wide range of low end actuators in manufacturing systems to serve as a very useful tool in establishing an automatic but flexible manufacturing system. In addition, Motionpack-33 is a versatile feed and position controller for machine tools, industrial machines and many other precision manufacturing functions.

Product Family: Motionpack-33, CMPC-CM33D, CMPC-CM33, CMPC CM33, CMPCMC33
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Yaskawa Motionpack-33 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Yaskawa Website