Rockwell / Allen-Bradley Dataliner Series Message Displays
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Rockwell / Allen-Bradley Dataliner Series Message Displays


  • One or Two Line Displays
  • 16 Characters Per Line
  • Programmable By a Variety of Devices
  • Wide Variety of Characters and Symbols

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This Rockwell / Allen-Bradley Dataliner DL10 Message Display is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 2706-A41J

Stock # 66245-2

This Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 2706-D11J1 Dataliner DL5 Message Display is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 2706-D11J1

Stock # 66245-1

This Rockwell / Allen-Bradley Dataliner 2706-D21J8 DL5 Message Display is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 2706-D21J8

Stock # 66245-3

This Rockwell / Allen-Bradley DL40 Series Message Display is used and in excellent condition.

Catalog Number: 2706-E43J32B1

Stock # 66245-39

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The Rockwell/Allen-Bradley Bulletin 2706 DL5 series Dataliner Message Display (DL5) stores messages of varying length within its own memory. The messages can be used to show a status condition, help diagnose a problem or prompt an operator. The DL5 is available with 2 display options: one line display (16 characters) and two line display (16 characters per line). The main features of the DL5 Series include: serial or parallel triggering; DC input; round robin mode; priority mode; numeric mode; binary or BCD input mode; and debug mode. This series is programmable by a variety of devices and displays a variety of characters and symbols including uppercase letters and punctuation.

The DL10 Dataliner Message Displays are available in 3 display options: one-line, two-line, and four-line. These units require a 110/120VAC power source and are designed for panel mounting in industrial environments. The DL10 can be used in the Slave operating mode or the Terminal operating mode. Either RS-232 (single device) or RS-422 (multi-drop) serial communication with the host can be used.

The DL40 Dataliner Message Display is available in two- or four-line configurations, with the capability of displaying 20 characters per line. There are 2 basic versions of the DL40: remote I/O which is designed to enable 2-way communications with PLCs and SLCs; parallel port which is designed to receive message number triggers, slave addresses, and variable data from a PLC or SLC output module. Both versions support RS-485 communications and RS-232 communications. The DL40 can display a wide variety of characters and symbols including: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation, and special characters from the extended ASCII character set.

Product Family: 2706-D11J1, 2706 D11J1, 2706D11J1, 2706/D11J1, DL5, DL 5, DL-5, DL10, DL 10, DL-10, 2706-A41J, 2706 A41J, 2706A41J, 2706/A41J
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