Newport 850G Series Linear Actuator
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Newport 850G Series Linear Actuator


  • Closed-Loop DC Motor Driven with Rotary Encoder
  • Adjustable Travel to 50 mm
  • ≤1.0 µm Bi-Directional Repeatability
  • Speed to 6 mm/sec
  • Load Capacity to 8 kg

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850G-HS Configuration:
• 0-50 mm DC Actuator
• High Speed
• 1624 Motor
• 22:1 Gearbox
• ~ 12x Relative Speed Resolution
• 0.60514 µm Encoder Resolution

Stock # 66278-2

850GV6 Configuration:
• 0-50mm Actuator
• Vacuum Compatible
• 1624 Motor
• 262:1 Gearbox
• 1x Relative Speed Resolution

Stock # 66278-3

850G-LS Configuration:
• 0-50 mm DC Actuator
• Low Speed
• 1516 Motor
• 1670:1 Gearbox
• ~ 1/6x Relative Speed Resolution
• 0.007985 µm Encoder Resolution

Stock # 66278-1

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850G Series actuators provide high-performance motion control in a compact, compatible package. The 850G is designed to fit into your existing manual stages and other opto-mechanical components as a direct replacement for a manual micrometer. 850G positioners feature a space-saving design with the motor and leadscrew side-by-side instead of end-to-end like most other actuators. This cuts the actuator's length in half and minimizes the negative effects of long cantilever structural loads on submicron positioning repeatability.

Product Family: 850G, 850G-LS, 850GV6, 850G-LSV6, 850G-HSV6, 850 G, 850G LS, 850 GV6, 850G LSV6, 850G HSV6, 850G, 850GLS, 850GV6, 850GLSV6, 850GHSV6
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Newport 850G Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Newport 850G Series Manual (pdf) 
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