Introl Design SL3 Series ServoLoc 3 Servo Controller
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Introl Design SL3 Series ServoLoc 3 Servo Controller


  • Sinusoidal and Trapezoidal Output Current Modes
  • Fully Digital Servo Control
  • Variety of Feedback Device
  • Compact Design
  • No Deadband

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This Introl Design SL3KD0028 ServoLoc 3 Servo Controller is used and in excellent condition.

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The Introl Design SL3 Series ServoLoc 3 are fully digital servo controllers designed to control the velocity/torque of a brushless DC servo motor or brush type DC servo motor. The unique design of this controller allows for the use of a variety of feedback devices. It will satisfy virtually every drive need for up to 15 Amps continuous and 30 Amps peak. The ServoLoc 3 can control the velocity of a motor very smoothly with full torque down to zero speed with no deadband. For brushless motor control, the ServoLoc 3 can operate in sinusoidal or trapezoidal output current mode to offer the best performance for your application. For DC servo type motor control, the ServoLoc 3 can accept resolver or encoder feedback. The ServoLoc 3 has a compact design and will operate with a wide input power range of 80 to 230 VAC or 100 to 350 VDC.

Product Family: SL3KD0028, SL3KDOO28, SL3-08-230, SL308-230, SL3 08-230, SL3-08230, SL3-08 230, SL308230, SL3 08 230, SL3 08230, SL308 230, SL3-15-230, SL315-230, SL3 15-230, SL3-15230, SL3-15 230, SL315230, SL3 15230, SL315 230, SL3 15 230, SL3-24-DC, SL324-DC, SL3 24-DC, SL3-24DC, SL3-24 DC, SL324DC, SL3 24 DC, SL324 DC, SL3 24DC, SL3 24 DC,
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