Patlite ST / STF Series Multi-Stack Signal Tower
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Patlite ST / STF Series Multi-Stack Signal Tower


  • Adjustable Lenses
  • Heat and Shock Resistant Lenses
  • High Intensity Lights
  • Dust Resistant

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This Patlite ST-V Multi-Stack Light Signal Tower is used and in excellent condition. This model outputs continuous light. This unit is also known as the Sasaki / Patlite ST-V Multi-Stack Signal Tower.

ST-V Configuration:

Voltage: 24V AC/DC
Bulb: 30V, 10W
Bulb Type: Continuous Light

Stock # 68969-1

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The Patlite ST / STF Multi-Stack Signal Tower Series are lighting units designed to put out high intensity light. The ST series signal lights are available in continuous (ST-V), flashing (STF-V), continuous and flashing with alarm (STFPB), and continuous with alarm (STPBV). Lenses are made of heat and shock resistant polycarbonate resin and these lenses can be arranged in different color combinations. The bulb life of these units are prolonged due to a shock vibration isolated mechanism.

Product Family: ST-V, ST V, STV, STF-V, STF V, STFV, STFPB, STPBV, ST/STF-101, ST/STF-102, ST/STF-112, ST/STF-201, ST/STF-202, ST/STF-212, ST/STF-31, ST/STF-302, ST/STF-312, ST/STF-401, ST/STF-402, ST/STF-412, ST/STF-501, ST/STF-502, ST/STF-512
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Patlite ST / STF Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Patlite Website