Parker / Compumotor MPA-03 Brushless Servo Amplifier
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Parker / Compumotor MPA-03 Brushless Servo Amplifier


  • Efficient Power Conversion
  • High Frequency Switching
  • Resolver Feedback
  • Simulated Encoder Signals
  • Totally Self Contained Space Efficient Design

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This Parker / Compumotor MPA-03 Brushless Servo Amplifier is used and in excellent condition.

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The Parker/Compumotor MPA-03 amplifier is designed to be used with high performance brushless servo motors. It operates over an AC voltage range of 80 to 260 Vac from 45 to 65Hz.

The MPA-03 features the following:
• Efficient power conversion
• High frequency switching
• Resolver feedback
• Simulated encoder signals
• ±10 volts for maximum velocity or torque
• 24 volt I/O for ±LIMIT, RESET, VEL/TORQUE mode
• 2 differential analog channels (command and auxiliary)
• LED diagnostic indicators
• Motor and amplifier thermal protection
• AC, I/O and bridge transient suppression
• Totally self contained space efficient design
• Simple screw terminal interface
• AC inrush protection
• Simple one turn visual adjustments

Product Family: MPA 03 06 09
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Parker / Compumotor MPA-03 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Parker / Compumotor Website