Warner Electric SLO-SYN TD Series Servo Amplifiers
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Warner Electric SLO-SYN TD Series Servo Amplifiers


  • Continuous Current Ratings of 4 Amps and 8 Amps
  • Systems Provide Typical Torque Outputs From 5 lb-in to 104 lb-in
  • Speeds up to 5000 RPM
  • Line Operated 95-264 VAC Input

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This Warner Electric SLO-SYN TD330/08 Servo Amplifier is used and in excellent condition.


• Continuous Current: 8 A
• Peak Current: 16 A

Stock # 70982-1

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The SLO-SYN TD Series Servo Amplifiers provide a superior, cost effective transition from stepper to servo performance. The TD servo products are stand-alone, compact servo amplifiers with integral, line-operated, power supply.

The TD servo amplifier operates directly off the AC line with input voltages from 95 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Theya re designed to drive Brushless DC servo motors utilizing either Hall effect devices or encoders with commutation tracks.

Available in two model configurations, the TD330/04 provides output currents of 4 amps continuous, 8 amps peak, while the TD330/08 provides 8 amps continuous, 16 amps peak. Both operate with a bus voltage of up to 330 VDC for optimum speed/torque performance. Depending on the motor/drive combination, speeds up to 5000 rpm are available when using the SLO-SYN LIS/HIS servo motors. Continuous stall torques range from 5 lb-in to 104 lb-in, wit peak torques approximately double that of continuous.

Product Family: TD330/04, TD 330 / 04, TD-330/04, TD330/08, TD 330 / 08, TD-330/08
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