OMRON CJ1 Series Position Control Units
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OMRON CJ1 Series Position Control Units


  • Up to 16 axes Controlled with Minimum Wiring
  • Position, Speed, and Torque Control Support
  • Access to Complete System from One Point
  • High-Speed bus MECHATROLINK-II

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This unit ships in the original manufacturer's box.

• Type: Position Control Module
• Axes: 1
• I/O Type: Line Driver
• Rating: 500 kpps Pulse Outputs, Inputs for Origin, Limit Switches, Stop Interrupt
• Connection: Connector
• Current Usage: 0.25 A, 5 VDC

Stock # 77504-1

• Type: Position Control Module
• Axes: 16
• Rating: Use CX-Motion-NCF Software; Response: 0.25 to 8 ms for 16 Axes
• Connection: ML-II Connector
• Current Usage: 0.36 A, 5 VDC

Stock # 77504-2

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The OMRON Position Control Units are CS/CJ1 series CPU Bus Unit. The Position Control Unit receives commands from the CPU Unit's internal Auxiliary Area and outputs positioning commands to MECHATROLINK-II Servo Drivers.

A MECHATROLINK-II high-speed (10 Mbps) communications interface is used to control Servo Drivers for up to 16 axes with a single CS/CJ-series Unit. Shielded twisted-pair cables in daisy-chain formation make wiring simple and enable multi-axis systems that require less wiring and are smaller in size.

Optimal motor performance can be achieved by transmitting data using communications between the Programmable Controller and Servo Drivers, without having to set an upper limit for the designated speed. High-speed and high-precision position control using high-resolution motors are possible.

Positioning can be performed by simply directly setting the target position and target speed from the CPU Unit. Positioning to either absolute or relative positions is also possible. Interrupt feeding is also supported. With interrupt feeding, positioning is continued for a specified amount after an interrupt input signal is received, and then the axis is stopped.

Product Family: CJ1W-NCF71, CJ1W NCF71
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