Eason Technology Model 1000/1100 Intelligent Operator Interface
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Eason Technology Model 1000/1100 Intelligent Operator Interface


  • 8 Bit Parallel I / O
  • High Contrast Paper White Display with Graphics Capability
  • Compatible with Multiple PLC Interfaces
  • Full Travel Keypad
  • IBM-PC XT Compatible

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This unit has a piece of the frame missing; however, this does not affect the units functionality.

• 32 KB Battery Backed RAM

View Photo of broken frame.

Stock # 80966-1

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The Eason Technology Model 1000 Intelligent Operator Interface is ideally suited for applications that require operator input, operator prompting, process monitoring, and serial communication to other controls or process equipment. The ability to communicate to multiple serial devices such as a PLC and a motion controller simultaneously make the Model 1000 a powerful solution for OEMs and integrators.

The Model 1000 features an 8 line by 40 character black on white cold cathode display providing clear viewing in all lighting conditions. The full travel keypad makes data entry easy and dependable. The 1000's rugged housing meets NEMA 4/12 (IP-65) requirements making it ideal for harsh factory environments.

The Model 1000 has all the computing power using Basic programming. Any Model 1100 program that does not deal with I/O options or more than 8 I/O bits will run identically on the Model 1000.

Product Family: 1000, Model 1100, Model1000
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