Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series VFD Micro Drives
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Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series VFD Micro Drives


  • Built-In Modbus RTU Communications
  • Built-In Dynamic Braking Circuit
  • Safety Drive Capability
  • Bookshelf Mounting Capability
  • 150% Overload Capability

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This unit has a crack in the housing; however, this will not affect its ability to function properly.

• Voltage Class: Three-Phase, 200V
• Rated Current: 70 A

View Photo of cracked housing.

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The Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series VFD Micro Drives are part of a class-leading range of micro drives. Suitable for a wide variety of general purpose motor speed control applications, the FR-D700 series drives were built from the ground up using custom components and have earned an enviable reputation for durability and dependability in adverse environments.

Product Family: FR-D700, FR-D720-070-NA
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