Newport URM Series High-Resolution Rotation Stages
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Newport URM Series High-Resolution Rotation Stages


  • Pre-Loaded Crossed-Roller Bearing Slides
  • Backlash-Free and Repeatable Trajectory
  • ±170° Mechanical Limit Switches

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• Diameter: 80 mm
• Drive: DC
• Thread Type: M6

Stock # 90464-1

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The Newport URM Series High-Resolution Rotation Stages feature steel construction with pre-loaded crossed-roller bearing slides for superior backlash-free and repeatable trajectory. Precise rotation is ensured by a precision-ground, hardened worm and gear drive (worm gear ratio: 1/180), which provides smooth motion. All URM stages are equipped with ±170° mechanical limit switches and a home position allows the stage to be returned to a reference origin position. Position measuring is performed with a 2000 pts/rev. encoder, integral with the motor shaft. URM Series rotation stages are designed to complement the performance of UTM Series translation stages in precision multiple-axis applications. While all featuring 0.001 degree angular resolution, the modular design of URM stages brings you the flexibility to choose the drive configuration that best matches your specific application requirements: manual, DC motor or stepper motor driven versions, with mini-step or full-step drive options, 20°/sec versions.

Product Family: URM, URM80, URM100, M-URM80CC
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Newport URM Series Manual (pdf) 
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