Parker / Compumotor KH Series Brushless Servomotors
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Parker / Compumotor KH Series Brushless Servomotors


  • Compatible with KH Series Brushless Servo Drives
  • 3-Phase
  • 4-Pole Pair AC Synchronous
  • Wound to Produce Sinusoidal Back EMF Waveforms

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• Type: FAS
• 6000 RPM
• Voltage Constant: 0.303 Vs
• Rated Torque at Locked Rotor: 6.0 Nm Cont. 18.0 Nm 10% Duty
• Input Voltage: 200V
• Voltage Constant: 0.303 Vs
• IP 54

Part Numbers: 71-006765-01, 1 060 060 00 00 01

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The Parker / Compumotor KH Series Brushless Servomotors are brushless, 3-phase, wye wound, 4-pole pair AC synchronous motors. The permanent magnets are attached to the rotor and held in place by metal bands and composite fiber materials to allow high speed performance. The rotors are precision balanced resulting in both low and high speed smoothness. The windings are located in the outer portion of the motor (stator). This inside out construction allows better heat dissipation than conventional brush type motors. As a result, higher continuous torque and horsepower ratings are achieved within a given motor size.

The term "brushless DC" is usually reserved for motors that are stator wound to produce a trapezoidal back EMF (Electro-Motive Force) waveform. The KH series motors are wound to produce sinusoidal back EMF waveforms which result in smoother operation when compared to trapezoidal type motors.

The drive component of the system is a 3-phase inverter that controls the amplitude, frequency, and phase of each of the three motor stator currents. Controlling the amplitude of the stator current relates directly to the magnitude of "synchronous," controlling the frequency of the stator currents controls the mechanical rotation of the shaft.

Product Family: KH Series, KH250, KH-250, KH260, KH-260, KH710, KH-710, KH720, KH-720, KH730, KH-730, KH740, KH-740
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Parker Compumotor KH Series Manual (pdf) 
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