Parker / Daedal 4000 Series Ball Bearing Positioners
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Parker / Daedal 4000 Series Ball Bearing Positioners


  • Low Friction Linear Adjustment
  • Straight Line Accuracy of 0.00008 in/in of Travel
  • Precision Machined Top and Bottom Mounting Surfaces

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This unit does not include the locking screw.

• Model: Center Drive
• Axis: Single
• Travel: 0.50 in
• Drive Mechanism: Imperial Micrometer
• Style: Aperture (0.5 in)

Stock # 90473-1

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The Parker / Daedal 4000 Series Ball Bearing Positioners provide controlled, precise point-to-point positioning along a linear axis. Stages are comprised of two basic components: a precision linear ball slide which serves as a linear bearing and guide, and a drive mechanism which accurately moves and positions the slide top along the linear axis. Three types of drive mechanisms are available: a fine screw, a micrometer, and a differential screw. The fine screw is used for fine resolution positioning. The micrometer is used whenever a position readout is required. The differential screw is used for applications requiring extremely fine resolution positioning. Ball bearing positioning stages are available in a straight stage/drive configuration as well as a side-drive configuration.

Product Family: 4000 Series, 4000, 4005, 4006
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Parker / Daedal 4006 Manual (pdf) 
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