Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat DKC02.1 Series ECODRIVE Drive Controllers
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Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat DKC02.1 Series ECODRIVE Drive Controllers


  • SERCOS Interface
  • Large Variety of Drive Solutions
  • High Functionality Low-Cost Solution for Single and Multi-Axis Drive and Control

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• Drive Controller: DKC
• Series: 02
• Version: 1
• Rated Current: 40 A
• DC Bus Nominal Voltage: 700 V

• FW Item I.D: Firmware
• A Class: Product (Machine)
• SSE Firmware-Type: SERCOS Interface
• 02 Firmware-Version
• V Firmware Type: Standard
• MS Language: Multilingual

Part Number: 265407, R911265407
Firmware Part Number: 267815, R911267815

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The Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat DKC02.1 Series ECODRIVE Drive Controllers features a SERCOS interface towards the controller. The SERCOS interface is a real-time serial communication system. Controller and drives are interconnected in a loop via fiber optic cables. Serial data exchange between controller and drives is performed via that fiber optic cable.

The ECODRIVE can be used for implementing a large variety of drive solutions in the most different applications. These applications include handling systems, packaging systems and assembly systems. The ECODRIVE are high functionality low-cost solution for single- and multi-axis drive and control. tasks.

The ECODRIVE is an intelligent digital drive family for AC servo drives. The AC servo drives are microprocessor-controlled brushless 3-phase drives with servo control properties.

Product Family: DKC02.1, DKC021, DKC02-1
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