Lenze / AC Tech SCF Series Sub-Micro AC Drives
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Lenze / AC Tech SCF Series Sub-Micro AC Drives


  • Easy Set-up and Operate
  • Motor Thermal Overload
  • Control I/O

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• Power: 15 kW / 20 Hp
• Input Phase: 3
• Input Amps: 65 / 61
• Output Amps: 58 / 54
• Size: D1
• IP 20

Part Numbers: 13316218, 213-08506

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The Lenze / AC Tech SCF Series Sub-Micro AC Drives are flexible sub-micro drives that give you the compact size you need for your panel layout while delivering on the functions and features your process demands.

The SCF Series can be used with 3-phase AC induction motors rated from 1/4 HP up to 30HP (0.18 - 22 kW) on voltages from 120V single-phase to 590 V three-phase.

With 18 isolated terminals (5 logic inputs, 2 logic outputs, 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs plus RS485 Modbus Serial Communication), the SCF Series is ideal for motion control applications from the simple to the complex.

Product Family: SF203Y, SF205Y, SF210Y, SF215Y, SF220Y, SF230Y, SF250Y, SF210, SF215, SF220, SF230, SF250, SF275, SF2100, SF2150, SF2200, SF405, SF410, SF415, SF420, SF430, SF450, SF475, SF4100, SF4150, SF4200, SF4250, SF4300, SF510, SF520, SF530, SF550, SF575, SF5100, SF5150, SF5200, SF5250
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