Sciemetric Instruments sigPOD 1302 Process Monitor
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Sciemetric Instruments sigPOD 1302 Process Monitor


  • High Resolution and Full Color Display
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
  • Modular Terminal Connector Plugs for Analog and Digital I/O Connections
  • Manufacturing Process: Press, Torque, Weld, Crimp, Dispense, Sound and Vibration, Profiling, and Functional Testing

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This unit has paint stains on the screen and housing; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly. This unit includes the optional external display.

• System Memory: 1 GB RAM
• Data Memory: 40 GB SSD
• (3) 9-Pin Male RS232 Connectors
• (1) 9-Pin Female RS232 Connector

Part Number: 10500-1302-0H00

View Photo of paint stains on the screen and housing.

Stock # 91238-1

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The Sciemetric Instruments sigPOD 1302 Monitoring Solution is a low cost, compact 2-channel monitor suitable for a wide range of manufacturing processes,such as torque, press, weld, vibration, dispense, etc.

The sigPOD 1302 collects data from sensors that are integrated into the manufacturing station, monitoring parameters such as position, temperature, pressure, force, acceleration, etc. It can also monitor signals directly generated by the manufacturing equipment itself, such as voltage or current. Both analog channels offer the flexibility of accepting differential input signals and independently controlled measurement ranges, and feature a precision excitation source to power the sensor if necessary.

An encoder input is provided to simultaneously measure angular or linear position,such as the rotary position of a crankshaft or linear displacement of a press ram. 8 digital I/Os are supplied,some of which are dedicated to handshaking communications with the station controller, with the remainder available for monitoring digital signals provided by the manufacturing hardware or other test equipment.

Product Family: sigPOD 1302, sigPOD1302, 1302T, 1302-T, 10500-1302-0H00, 10500-1302-TH00
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Sciemetric Instruments sigPOD 1302 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Sciemetric Instruments Website