Danfoss / Vacon NXS / NXP Series Wall-Mounted / Standalone AC Drives
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Danfoss / Vacon NXS / NXP Series Wall-Mounted / Standalone AC Drives


  • Easy to Use Display Panel
  • Versatile All-in-One Package
  • PID Controller and PFC for 1-5 Pumps
  • (5) Slots for Control Boards: (2) Basic Boards and (3) Option Boards

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This unit is a FR7 Frame.

NXS 0045 5 B 2 H 1 SSS Configuration:
• NXS - Product Range: Standard
• 0045 - Nominal Current: 45 A
• 5 - Nominal Mains Voltage: 380-500 VAC (3-Phase)
• B - Control Keypad: No Keypad Included
• 2 - Enclosure Classification: IP21
• H - Emission Level: Fulfills the Standard EN 61800-3 (2004), Category C2
• 1 - Brake Chopper Option: Internal Brake Chopper
• SSS - Hardware Changes:
  • Supply: 6-Pulse Connection (FR7)
  • Mounting: Air-Cooled Drive
  • Boards: Standard Boards (FR7)

Power Unit Part Number: PA004552H1SSS
Control Unit Part Number: CSAS

View Photo of Control Unit Printed Circuit Board.

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The Danfoss / Vacon NXS / NXP Series Wall-Mounted / Standalone AC Drives are compact AC drives in the power range of 0.37 - 560 kW and supply voltages of 208 - 690 V for heavy use in machines, buildings and all branches of industry. The robust design incorporates effective protection against supply network disturbances. Trip-free operation is also guaranteed due to sophisticated motor control principles and motor/drive protection features, component selection and effective cooling.

Enclosure classes of IP21 and IP54 and integrated high-level EMC filters make the Vacon NXS suitable for all environments.

The wide and flexible standard I/O and option for five I/O boards provide versatile controllability. The most common fieldbus options are also available.

Product Family: NXS, NXP, PA004552H1SSS, NXS00455A2H1SSSA1A3000000, NXS 0045 5 A 2 H 1 SSS A1A3000000
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