Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PanelView 2711P Graphic Terminals
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Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PanelView 2711P Graphic Terminals


  • Supports ActiveX Controls
  • Supports Remote Connectivity (VNC and FTP)
  • Offers Backup Restore Functionality
  • Uses Vector-Based Graphics from Symbol Factory
  • Provides Remote Recipe and Data Management Through .CSV Files

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The screen on this unit has scratches on it; however this will not prevent it from functioning.

• Input Type: Touch
• Display Size: 10.4 in.
• Display Type: Color

Part Number: 2711P-RDT10C

View Photo of scratches on screen.

Stock # 92582-1

This unit includes a 2711P-RP1 Logic Module. This unit has minor scratches on the screen; however, this does not affect its ability to function properly.

2711P-T10C4D1 Configuration:
• Input Type: Touch
• Display Size: 10.4 in
• Display Type: Color
• Communication: Ethernet, RS-232 & (2) USB
• Power: DC

2711P-RP1 Configuration:
• Memory: 64 MB Flash
• Memory: 64 MB RAM
• Input: DC

View Photo of minor scratch on screen.

Stock # 92582-2

Unfortunately, the keypad is missing the cover for the '1' key, so this panel isnt fully functional and is being sold, as-is for parts.

2711P-B6M20D Configuration:
• Input Type: Keypad
• Display Size: 6 in
• Display Type: Monochrome
• Communication: Ethernet, RS-232 and USB
• Power: DC

Stock # 92582-3

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The Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PanelView 2711P Graphic Terminals are operator interface devices that run HMI machine-level applications in an industrial environment. The displays range in size from 4 to 15 inches. These devices are used to monitor, control, or display information graphically, letting operators quickly understand the status of their application. This platform is programmed by using common development software that provides multilingual support, and integrates into systems with Rockwell Automation controllers including preferred Logix controllers.

Product Family: PanelView Plus 6, PanelView Plus 400, PanelView Plus 600, PanelView Plus 700, PanelView Plus 1000, PanelView Plus 1250, PanelView Plus 1500, 2711P
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