Toshiba VT130G1 Series Transistor Inverters
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Toshiba VT130G1 Series Transistor Inverters


  • 3-Phase, 480V, 60 Hz Voltage Frequency Power Supply
  • ±10% Voltage Allowable Variation and ±2Hz Allowable Frequency Variation of the Power Supply
  • Sinusodial Wave PWM Control System
  • Braking by Capacitor Charge
  • Starting by Dry Contact (Hold)

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This unit is also known as the SEW Eurodrive MovitrAC 4605.5 Microprocessor Controlled Frequency Inverter. This unit is missing the Frequency Adjust knob and the Run/Stop switch.

• Applicable Motor Power (HP) Max.: 5
• Weight (lbs): 20
• Order # (38-3340): 05-10
• Capacity (KVA): 5.5
• Rated Current (A): 8
• Max. Motor KW (4 Pole): 3.7

Stock # 95234-1

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The Toshiba VT130G1 Series Transistor Inverters have a power supply that is 3-phase, 480V, and 60Hz frequency. The allowable variation of the power supply is ±10% votlage and ±2Hz frequency. The control System is a Sinusodial Wave PWM. It functions by braking by capacitor charge and starting by dry contact (hold).

Product Family: MovitrAC 4605.5, VT130G1, VT-130G1, VT 130G1, VT.130G1, VT/130G1, VT130G14055, VT130G1-4055, VT130G1.4055, VT130G1 4055, VT130G1/4055, VT130G1-4015, VT130G1-4025, VT130G1-4035, VT130G1-4080, VT130G1-4110, VT130G1-4180, VT130G1-4220, VT130G1-4270, VT130G1-4330
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Toshiba VT130G1 Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to Toshiba Website