Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat PPC.R Series Modular Controller
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Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat PPC.R Series Modular Controller


  • SERCOS Interface
  • X16 Programming Interface
  • X10 Serial Interface
  • Optional Expansion Slots

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PPC.R02.2N-N-N1-V2-NN-FW Configuration:
• Product Group PPC: PPC
• Housing Version R: RECO Unit
• Series 02: 2
• Version 2: 2
• Memory Expansion Module N: Not Fitted
• Other Version: None
• Configuration N1: NSW01.1R
• Configuration V2: DeviceNet Slave Module
• Configuration NN: Not Fitted
• Firmware FW: Ordered Separate

PSM01.1-FW Firmware Card:
• FWB-PSM01*-GP*-09V37-MS

Stock # 95927-1

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The Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat PPC.R Series is a powerful controller in a small size in IP 20 rating. It is a general-purpose platform that works as a PLC or as an NC controller, depending on the application and the loaded software.

The PPC-R unit exists with two enclosure versions of different width. A single-width version and a double-width version.

The two interfaces that are manufactured on the controller are fully connected according to the Indramat standard (SIS = Serial Indramat Interface). The data transfer type (function) is only selected by the related application (RS232/RS422/RS485). With PPC-R01, the COM interface is brought out via a separate slot plate if this has not yet been assigned for a different purpose (by the PC/104 Field bus, for example).

Furthermore, the PPC-R unit has a BT bus (operator input terminal bus) that permits application-related operator input terminals (BTM15/16, BTA20, etc.) to be used. This is possible with a cable length of up to 50 m.

To install the PPC-R unit, a module carrier system is used that consists of one or more RMB02.2-04 units. The double carrier RMB02.2-02 can only be used as an installation carrier. It is merely used for fixing the PPC-R units; RECO modules cannot be controlled. Interconnecting several PPC- R units via a backplane is not possible either.

The PPC-R01.2 unit occupies one slot in the module carrier; the PPC- R02.2 occupies two units. In this carrier system, the PPC-R unit can handle up to 15 further I/O modules (RME02.2..., RMA02.2... or RMC02.2...).

Depending on the application, the PPC-R has PC/104 modules fitted that, for example, can be used for open field bus interfaces, such as Interbus, Profibus, etc.

Product Family: PPC.R Series, PPC.R, PPC-R01.2, PPC-R02.2
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Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat PPC.R Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat Website