EVA Robotics EvoDrive Series Stepper Motor Controllers
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EVA Robotics EvoDrive Series Stepper Motor Controllers


  • Balance of Power and Simplicity
  • Easy Debugging and Programming
  • 512 Micro-Step Accuracy as an Open-Loop Controller
  • High Dynamic Bandwidth Servo Motor as a Closed Loop Controller

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• Nominal Voltage: 48V DC
• Nominal Peak Motor Current: 7A
• Open-Loop Step Size: 102400 steps/rev
• Closed-Loop Accuracy: 0.02197° (Encoder/2)

Part Number: FW-A303-120

Stock # 95936-1

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The EVA Robotics EvoDrive Series Stepper Motor Controllers fundamentally change how stepper motors are driven and therefore how they are used.

As an open-loop controller, the EvoDrive provides the equivalent of 512 micro-step accuracy with exceptionally smooth current control. This results in incredibly quiet and smooth motion control.

As a closed-loop controller, the EvoDrive moves away from traditional drive technology and transforms the humble stepper motor into a true servo motor, with a high dynamic bandwidth and exceptional efficiency.

This is achieved through a series of cascaded control systems, some traditional, and some proprietary which together form what we call the Phase Vector Control System.

The EvoDrive command set provides a practical balance of power and simplicity.

Intuitive use of set points and intelligent design removes the need for disparate operating modes. The ability to change settings and operating states on the fly allows system designers to achieve complex operations with ease.

Short mnemonic commands for common operations save on control bandwidth. Descriptive commands for settings and programming allow easy debugging and programming.

Product Family: EvoDrive, ST-17, ST-23, ST-34, ST-PCB, ST17, ST23, ST34, STPCB, ST 17, ST 23, ST 34, ST PCB, FW001, FW101, FW201, FW301
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