Danaher Motion / Kollmorgen ServoStar MC Series Multi-Axis Controllers
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Danaher Motion / Kollmorgen ServoStar MC Series Multi-Axis Controllers


  • Sine Acceleration and Automatic/Manual Jerk Control
  • Trapezoidal Velocity for Rapid Motions
  • Point-to-Point Moves
  • Multiple Axis Linear and Circular Interpolation

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MC SE02-0808-000-0300:
• Series Name: ServoStar MC
• Communication: SERCOS Interface
• Configuration: Extended Standalone
• Number of Axes: 2
• RAM Size: 8 MB (SIMM)
• Flash Disk Size: 8 MB
• Upgrades: Standard CPU 5x86 133MHz
• Firmware Version: Version 3.0

Stock # 96188-1

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The Danaher Motion / Kollmorgen ServoStar MC Series Multi-Axis Controllers are designed for controlling up to 16 axes of coordinated motion via SERVOSTAR SERCOS drive amplifiers. The MC is simple to install using the equivalent of two adjacent ISA / PCI bus slots in an industrial PC or as a self contained standalone unit. The Motion Developer's Kit allows the user to create interfaces between the MC and other programs/devices such as soft PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI's (Human Machine Interfaces).

Because the SERVOSTAR MC uses SERCOS and has been designed to work with the SERVOSTAR SERCOS drive amplifiers, there is no special knowledge required to connect the drive amplifiers to the controller. All SERVOSTAR MC systems, regardless of axis count, require only two fiber optic connections between the drive amplifiers and the controller. Drive amplifier setup is performed over the SERCOS ring using Kollmorgen MOTIONLINK software.

Product Family: ServoStar MC, ServoStarMC
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