Aerotech 10/20/30 Series Ndrive HP Network Digital Drives
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Aerotech 10/20/30 Series Ndrive HP Network Digital Drives


  • Fully Isolated Power Stage
  • Optimized for Heat Transfer or Minimal Panel Space Utilization
  • (2) Differential Analog Inputs
  • (2) Analog Outputs

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• Peak Output Current: 20
• Continuous Output Current (Peak):10
• Main Supply Maximum Continuous Input Power: 3000 Watts
• Peak Output Current (2 sec): 20 A(pk)
• Continuous Output Current: 10 A(pk)
• Peak Power Output (includes AC line droop): 5,440 Watts
• Continuous Power Output (includes AC line droop): 2.720 Watts

• -MXH: Programmable encoder multiplier up to x 2,048, supports PSO (laser firing) and encoder quadrature output.
• -AUXPWR: Auxiliary 85-240 VAC input to power logic circuitry. Required for "keep alive" or 40-80 VDC bus operation. 40-120 VDC operation requires external transformer to generate 28-85 VAC bus power input.

Part Number: 20B-MXH-AWXPWR

Stock # 96347-1

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The Aerotech 10/20/30 Series Ndrive HP Network Digital Drives provide deterministic behavior, auto-identification, and easy software setup from the Nmotion SMC software controller. Featuring a high-speed Harvard architecture DSP, the drives have fully digital current and servo loops providing selectable 1-20 kHz servo loop closure, 40 MHz line driver encoder data rate, and an optional Ethernet port for access to third party networked I/O solutions. The Ndrive HP also features an optional on-board brake relay, programmable resolution multiplication up to x 65,536, with a 200 kHz maximum amplified sine wave input frequency, and up to three-axis Position Synchronized Outputs (laser firing). In addition, the use of the commercially standard FireWire communication link makes integration to the Automation 3200 network plug-n-play easy.

These drives consists of two power connections (motor power and input power), three FireWire ports, an optional Ethernet connection, an RS-232/RS-422 connector, LED indicator lamps and two D-Style connectors for Auxiliary I/O (15 and 26 pin) and Motor Feedback (25 pin).

Product Family: 10, 20, 30, 20B, NDRIVE20B, NDRIVE10, NDRIVE20, NDRIVE30, 10B, 30B-S
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Aerotech 10/20/30 Manual (pdf) 
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