Mitsubishi GOT1000 Series Graphic Operation Terminals
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Mitsubishi GOT1000 Series Graphic Operation Terminals


  • 3.7 to 15 Inch Screen Options
  • 160x64 to 1024x768 Resolution Options
  • 512 KB to 15 MB Memory Options
  • RS232, RS422/RS232, and USB Options
  • IP67 Protection on Font

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This unit has a broken USB cover; however, this does not prevent it from functioning properly

• 10.4" 640x480 Screen
• 256 Colors
• Compatible with Video RGB
• 15MB Flash Memory

View Photo of broken USB cover.

Stock # 96656-1

This unit is a compatible attachment to the GT16 models and the GT15-70ATT-87. This unit has damage to the screen and back casing.

View Photo of screen damage.
View Photo of back panel damage.

Stock # 96821-1

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The Mitsubishi GOT1000 Series Graphic Operation Terminals of touch screen operation terminals innovative error reporting system ensures fast troubleshooting and minimum downtime. Predefined screens provide direct access to the PLC's I/Os and even the buffer memory of special-function modules.

Product Family: GT10, GT11, GT12, GT14, GT16
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