Pilz PNOZ m0p Base Unit Modular Safety Systems
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Pilz PNOZ m0p Base Unit Modular Safety Systems


  • Positive-Guided Relay Outputs
  • (2) Safety Semiconductor Outputs
  • (1) Auxiliary Semiconductor Output
  • (4) Test Pulse Output
  • Fieldbus Expansion module
  • (4) Expansion Modules

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The Pilz PNOZ m0p Base Unit Modular Safety Systems are used for the safety-related interruption of safety circuits. They are designed for use on emergency stop equipment, and safety circuits. The Base Unit Modular Safety Systems feature a fieldbus expansion module and 4 expansion modules. The Safety system also has 20 inputs fro connecting various buttons, switches and sensors. It also has dual safety semiconductor outputs and an auxiliary semiconductor output as well as 4 test pulse outputs.

Product Family: PNOZ m0p, PN0Z mop, PNOZ ma1p, PNOZ mc1p, PNOZ mi1p, PNOZ mi2p, PNOZ ml1p, PNOZ mo1p, PNOZ mo2p, PNOZ mo3p, PNOZ mo4p, PNOZ ms1p, PNOZ ms1p, PNOZ mc3p, PNOZ mc4p, PNOZ mc5p, PNOZ mc5.1p, PNOZ mc6p, PNOZ mc7p, PNOZ mc8p, PNOZ mc9p
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PNOZmulti Modular Safety System Datasheet (pdf) 
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