Parker / Digiplan SVHX4500S / SVHX8500S Servo Drives
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Parker / Digiplan SVHX4500S / SVHX8500S Servo Drives


  • Two Current Ratings - 6.5A and 12.5A Continuous
  • Protected IGBT Power Output Stage
  • Three Phase Power Input, Direct-on-Line Operation
  • SVHX8500S: 5.5kW
  • SVHX4500S: 3.5kW
  • Either RS2323 or RS485 Communication

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• Supply Voltage: 380-480VAC, 3-Phase
• Output Continuous Current Rating: 12.5A RMS
• Output Peak Current: 25A RMS
• Communication Input Type: RS232

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The SVHX Series of drives combine the use of power servo technology with the X150 based, EMC-compliant, controller. Powered from a three phase supply, the SVHX Series of servo drives provide an LVD compliant solution for applications requiring controller operation. Two power levels are available:

SVHX8500S: 5.5kW
SVHX4500S: 3.5kW

Both drive types are compatible with the HDX motor range. All drive types incorporate a controller configurable by software and offering a choice of RS232C or RS485 serial link communications (factory set). NPN or PNP output drivers can be selected in software and operate from 24V supplies, allowing integration within a PLC controlled system.
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Parker / Digiplan SVHX8500S/232 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Parker / Digiplan Website