SEW Eurodrive BM / BMG / BE Brakes
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SEW Eurodrive BM / BMG / BE Brakes


  • Low Brakemotor Inertia Maximizes Position Accuracy and Duty Cycle
  • Fast Release Maximizes Brake Life and Reduces Brake Lining Wear
  • Multiple Spring Combinations Provide Several Choices for Brake Torque
  • Low Radio Interference with Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Patented Damping Plate Provides Reduced Noise and Low Sound Level (dB)

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• Motor Frame: DR71, DR80, DR90
• Working Air Gap
 • Min.: 0.25 mm
 • Max.: 0.6 mm
• Brake Disk Min.: 9 mm

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The SEW Eurodrive BM / BMG / BE Brakes are for applications that require a simple holding brake in mechanical applications that require high dynamics and accurate positioning. DT/DV motors accept the BM and BMG brakes; DR motors accept the BE brake. The low brakemotor inertia of these brakes maximizes position accuracy and duty cycle and the fast release maximizes brake life and reduces brake lining wear. These brakes have multiple spring combinations which provide several choices for brake torque and also feature low radio interference with sensitive electronic equipment. The patented damping plate provides reduced noise and low sound level (dB).

Inertia is very important in high dynamic applications. Due to its IEC dimensions, the SEW brakemotor contains a rotor with a smaller diameter than a NEMA motor of the same horsepower. Therefore, its inertia is considerably lower. Lower inertia allows the motor to stop faster, which increases positioning accuracy. Lower inertia also allows the motor to start faster with a shorter duration of in-rush current, which reduces heat and permits a higher duty cycle. For these reasons, SEW brakemotors frequently replace servomotors in many applications.

Product Family: BM, BMG, BE, BE05, BE1, BE1A, BE2, BE5, BE11, BE20, BE30, BE32, BE120, BE122, BMG02, BMG05, BMG1, BMG2, BMG4, BMG8, BM15, BM30, BM31, BM32, BM62, BMG61, BMG122
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